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AIRE: Atmospheric Information Resource for Educators and students
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cheap doxycycline tablets is a Youtube channel dedicated to exploring the physics of the world around us and making it fun and accessible to everyone.  cheap doxycycline uk, follows his curiosity with the help of high-speed video, demonstrations, input from experts, occasional help from his family, and the laws of physics. Destin gives the technical side of the series both breadth and depth, while keeping things thoroughly engaging.  His enthusiasm and fascination with science is contagious.

While not specificially focused on atmospheric science,  we wanted to share this resource because of the awesome combination of entertainment and engineering-related education it provides.  Many concepts in fluid mechanics, a favorite topic of ours, make an appearance, for example in the cheap doxycycline 100mg.

Prof. McNeill and her family love watching these videos together before bedtime.  That two engineers with PhDs and a two year old all enjoy the videos equally says something about their special appeal and entertainment value (as well as the quality of the technical content).   At 2 years old her son may be a little young to be learning about concepts like cavitation and gyroscopic precession, but he enjoys every minute!



where can i buy azithromycin and doxycycline

This fantastic blog was recently brought to our attention.  It is an excellent resource for students and educators interested in oceanography and fluid dynamics.  Mirjam Glessmer has a passion for simple experiments demonstrating important concepts in oceanography. Her blog features many videos and descriptions of these experiments which can be used for classroom demonstrations or at-home learning activities.  She also posts on teaching philosophy. Check it out!

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