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V. Faye McNeill, Beijing, China, December 21, 2016

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Haze over central Beijing, 12/20/2016. Photo credit: V. F. McNeill

Much of China, including the capital city, Beijing, is experiencing sustained heavy smog this week, with air pollution at hazardous levels for the past three days. Concentrations of fine particulate matter in Beijing’s air today exceeded 400 ug/m3, more than ten times China’s National Ambient Air Quality Standard (35 ug/m3). The episode has caused an increase in hospitalizations and disruptions in air traffic due to poor visibility. The government has declared a “red alert” and taken emergency measures including industrial shutdowns, odd-even traffic restrictions, and school cancellations to protect public health.

“I love Beijing.  I grew up here and spent my whole life here.  If it weren’t for the air pollution, I would love living here.  But now I think about leaving. Many people are leaving.”

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Reduced visibility at Beijing’s airport. 12/20/2016 Photo credit: V.F. McNeill

Air quality is an ongoing issue in Beijing, and a major subject of concern for its residents. As one Beijing native told me: “I love Beijing.  I grew up here and spent my whole life here.  If it weren’t for the air pollution, I would love living here.  But now I think about leaving. Many people are leaving.” According to the U.S. Embassy, between 2008-2015, the daily average air quality index in Beijing fell in the “Unhealthy,” “Very Unhealthy,” or “Hazardous” categories 67% of the time. A severe air quality episode in January 2013 was somewhat of a turning point, leading to increased pressure on the government to tighten regulations. One outcome was the amendment of the national ambient air quality standards. Meeting the new standards for PM2.5 would be a major step towards protecting public health. But, as episodes like this one show, improvement is slow to come. Plans for local implementation and enforcement of the new air quality standards are still in the development stages. In some cases major changes in infrastructure are needed in order to reduce emissions, and this can take time. Local efforts alone won’t be enough: The city of Beijing has made bold moves towards eliminating coal burning within the city, but much of Beijing’s pollution comes from upwind sources, outside the city limits.

With the will of government and the people aligned, China is poised to turn around its air pollution problem. Unlike the U.S., which greatly improved its air quality in the last century and now must tackle climate, China is in a position to develop smart new policies and technology to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions simultaneously.

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The newly minted Dr. Weruka Rattanavaraha of the Surratt Group at University of North Carolina created this video on atmospheric aerosols for her Ph.D. defense. Check it out!

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Scientists and educators from NASA and UCAR have written a storybook entitled “What’s Up in the Atmosphere? Exploring Colors in the Sky” aimed at elementary school-aged (K-4) children, in which atmospheric aerosols play a starring role.  The story follows a group of curious students who, under the guidance of their teacher, investigate the connection between the appearance of the sky and asthma symptoms in their fellow students on a given day.  The students in the story (and the readers) learn about atmospheric aerosols in the process.  The storybook includes a teachers’ guide with glossary.

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The AIRE team spends a few weeks every year visiting family in Manila, Philippines.  Like many vibrant purchase doxycycline hyclate, Manila suffers from heavy traffic and poor purchase doxycycline 100mg.  Starting in Summer 2015, the Philippine government has made purchase doxycycline monohydrate available from stations around Metro Manila.  Interested citizens can look up current purchase doxycycline for dogs levels and compare them to the 24 hour guideline value.  We note that the EMB 24 hr guideline value is 75 micrograms/m3, whereas the purchase doxycycline is 35 micrograms/m3 (the yearly average standard is 15 micrograms/m3).

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In honor of the 2014 Annual meeting of the cheap doxycycline for dogs, happening this week in Orlando, FL,  we are very excited to share with you this series of educational modules on the science and engineering of cheap doxycycline tablets.

These materials were developed by Profs. Pratim Biswas, of Washington University St. Louis, and C. Y. Wu, of University of Florida, through a collaborative grant from the cheap doxycycline uk. The modules are aimed at an introductory college level, and are excellent for supplementing course materials or learning on your own.

The modules: cheap doxycycline 100mg

The complete lecture series for an introductory course on Aerosol Science and Technology from WUStL is available FREE through ITunesU!: cheap doxycycline malaria tablets

Additional information on this effort, and more resources: buy azithromycin and doxycycline