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Más de 20 investigadores de Columbia University han formado un grupo collaborativo, que se llama el “Clean Air Toolbox Initiative.” Ese grupo usa las herramientas de ciencias atmosféricas, ciencias de datos, salud pública, la ley, y más para luchar contra la contaminación del aire en ciudades por el Sur Global. Ellos están trabajando in ciudades de África y India para demonstrar su métodos. Para obtener más información, visite purchase doxycycline online uk y sígalos en Twitter (where can i purchase doxycycline).

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In purchase doxycycline monohydrate, published in October 2017 on HuffPost India, Prof. McNeill and Dr. Julia Nunes break down the data for particulate air pollution in cities across India. Air pollution is at an unhealthy level for a large part of the year, in most Indian cities.

purchase doxycycline for dogsThe pie charts show the number of days in the past year that the average PM2.5 level fell into the following three categories: Green days (PM2.5 < 35.4 μg m-3) are healthy or moderate, yellow days (35.5 μg m-3 to 55.4 μg m-3) are unhealthy for sensitive groups such as children, the elderly or those with lung disease, and red days (PM2.5 > 55.5 μg m-3) are unhealthy for all. For more information on the data sources: purchase doxycycline


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This article was written by Prof. V. Faye McNeill and her colleague, Dr. Julia Nunes. It gives details on ways to protect yourself and your family from the effects of air pollution. It is the first in a set of articles. The next article in the series will break down air pollution data from across India, demonstrating that most Indians are exposed to unhealthy air for much of the year.

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Image: Smog in the Delhi/NCR area. Photo credit: Jesse Rabek.